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Hey guys, I have been having some trouble with my 2013 WRX. I believe it has to do with my wastegate/actuator. Forgive me I am unfamiliar fully with the exact terminology under the hood.

So some backstory, I had my car tuned with the AP to Stage 1 with just a Q300 catted axle back exhaust. The car ran fine for months with this configuration. Probably a little over a year. Over the weekend I decided to upgrade it further and installed a Nameless Catted DP and an AEM cold air intake. I flashed the car to the AEM stage 2+ map from Cobb. After the install I noticed a rattle coming from the top of my downpipe and echoing down through the downpipe. I believe I have pinpointed it to my actuator arm/what I believe to be wastegate flapper thingy. (Technical I know). I was able to remedy the rattle by putting a tiny bit of pressure pushing towards the front end of the car on the column that the actuator arm attaches to near the downpipe, the piece that I believe is attached to the flapping door. When I pushed on it, it made a slight click as if something had clicked back into place. The other day I was driving it fairly hard on the highway and I noticed the rattle had returned when I got into my driveway, as if maybe my boost had pushed it loose again. I clicked it back into place and I haven't heard it since. The rattle shows up while idling and at low RPMs. It seems to disappear until I return back to nearly stopped/low RPMS.

Has anyone ever had this problem before? Is there something I can do with my actuator in order to remedy this problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated. To resolve it temporarily I put pressure on the cylinder at the end of the arm near where the DP connects, pushing towards the front of the car, so away from the DP. I have done this twice, but I believe it will keep happening if I don't intervene.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading!
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