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Hi everyone!
The time has come for me to let go of my WRX. Bought as a bachelor back in 2012, I’m now married with a baby, a dog, and more! I’ve loved this car over the years but I’m now facing reality-it just doesn’t work for the family anymore. :(

Anyway, I am trying to sell privately. There’s no loan on it, I’m the only owner, and I’ve been a fanatic about vehicle from the start. It has some minor cosmetic dings and blemishes—all of which pissed me off when they happened!!- but mechanically it’s pretty much perfect.

I am also going to sell the accessport with it, it has an eTune from Torqued Performance (Cobb sf+ intake).Also included are the winter tires (Michelin Xice) and rims (Moda), roof rack and ski attachment, and Cobb STS (installed it but took it off after a few months)

For good measure I will also run a carfax for the actual buyer - just to make them comfortable the vehicle hasn’t been in any accidents (full disclosure the dealer put a huge dent in the roof line once but they repaired it free of charge).

I have a few exterior shots but time was short so I’ll post interior ones ASAP. The interior is standard Subaru black leather.

if you’re really interested Please DM me. The vehicle is located in Union County NJ.


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