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Hi Guys I have been chasing this issue for a long time and I cannot figure it out, My car is a 2007 wrx which has 104,000 and is almost stock all that is done is a sti intercooler and a short throw shifter. My issue it has is at almost any point of 3rd gear at WOT the car gets what feels like a boost cut or fuel cut, what’s weird about it is that it will do it in any weather but is worst in the winter or cold. Now before you’re saying cold air is denser air I’m completely aware of that but it will “over boost or fuel cut” in 70 degrees Fahrenheit. another strange thing it does is randomly the car will run good and feel noticeably quicker and some days it will be sluggish and fuel cut anytime I give it a lot of throttle input. I have videos I will show of the issue and the code it throws is a p0244. The only issues I know the car has is a faulty secondary air pump and I had the codes deleted and the car tuned but the person who tuned the car but didn’t do a good job on this tune. Before you say it is completely the tuners fault it had done this before the car was even tuned but it did it far more often after the tune so I cannot tell if this something mechanically wrong or just a tune issue , but I don’t want to spend 600 on a tune right now because I have parts I want to throw on the car but I want to make sure the issue is fixed before I do anymore mods. Things I have done to try to fix this is a new oem boost controller, confirmed there is no boost leaks or vacuum leaks and cleaned the MAF sensor. Video of the issue
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