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I just switched from a 2018 WRX to a 2019 STI. The STI is lovely, but a little stiff on long drives as expected. I sometimes take 6-10 hour road trips to go snowboard and wonder if I can switch a set of the 2018/19 WRX shock/springs onto the STI for the winter time when I'm doing these road trips.
inb4 "should've kept the WRX". There's really only about 3-4 months of solid snowboarding. I'd rather enjoy getting to my hobby more comfortably for those 3-4 months then switch back for the warmer months to enjoy the STI suspension ;) Quick and easy job anyhow..
Also, I had 18-19 listed instead of 2015+ as I believe they revamped the suspension 2018+ to be more compliant.
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