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I've got a challenging diag issue that I need help with, since I towed it into Subaru 4 times for the same issue and it's still not resolved. It seems to stall when revs drop to idle after a period of regular operation. 1st three times it happened in a snow storm or wet, but since it's happened in the dry as well.

Here's Subaru's diag for those visits:

1. cracked coil pack. Replaced. I also replaced the cam pos sensor to rule it out, but really didn't think the cam pos sensor was bad
2. fouled MAF
3. dirty engine harness connector (it was mounted low when the AOS was installed). It was cleaned and mounted high after
4. no diag and lost faith in the Dealer

STi is stock aside from bigger rad, AOS, aux gauges (boost and temp) and Ham radio power direct from the battery. Oh, it got a new shortblock at 175,000 km and has 241,000 km on the chassis.

What issue would generate a cam or crank pos code only when revs drop to idle?

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