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My 08 wrx, bone stock other then a catback Magnaflow.
the check engine came on around 82.5k, i run a bluetooth OBD tool and the codes were for a misfire in cylinders 2,3,4.

I cleaned the MAF and replaced plugs which all looked fine, car did not run any better.
Upon doing compression test, cylinder 4 has 0 compression.
I am under the assumption i have the burnt valve ive read so much about, which with my current financial spot is just horrible, i bought a subaru hoping it would last a while and ive always cared for this car since i bought it with 10k on the odo.

The car had been serviced for 60k at subaru at around 66k, and never had really any issues until i noticed a jerkiness at idle, and within days of that the CEL.

I was wondering what a good route to take here is, fix the engine, swap something else in? sell it and move on?
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