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Hi all, it’s been a while since I’ve required help, but here I am again.

Long story short, my engine ate the valves and blew up a piston due to a wad of duct tape from the PO getting sucked into the timing belt. Rather than rebuild it with unknown damage to cylinder sleeves I installed a JDM AVCS engine.
I used the stock intake runners, wiring harness, coolant casting and injectors. I did use the riser pieces that came on the engine as they did not have tgv’s and I was considering doing a delete anyway. Fired it up and immediately pumped the oil out due to a damaged oil line to the drivers side head for the avcs system. It only ran long enough for the oil light to flicker and I immediately shut it down.
Problem fixed, I fired it up again and it’s running terribly. Missing on all 4 cylinders and sounds like backfiring through the intake.
I’ve checked all the vacuum hoses and electrical connections and they appear to be fine. Do I somehow need to deactivate the avcs even though it’s not plugged into anything? If so, how? I thought about installing the stock pulleys but didn’t want to create a massive oil leak. I did try to search for information on this but everything I found was regarding how pointless it would be to try and get avcs functioning on an older car. I don’t want it to function, I just wanted a simple long block swap.
Any suggestions or ideas of what could be causing this would be greatly appreciated.
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