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Hey I'm new to the community, I just picked up a 03 Wagon Bugeye 5SPD and I started to notice a humming from the 60 to 95kph range.

  • Only Hums when foot is on the accelerator
  • Pitch only changes with speed (RPM and gear selection make no difference.
  • Fluids are clean and full

Some background info on the car
Previous owner did a clutch on the car 3000kms ago
Little bit of resistance going into First and Reverse
*Slight noise coming from transmission, very faint, ticking, noise goes away when you push in the clutch.

I believe either my clutch needs to be bled or I might have a release bearing on the fritz. But I dont know if the humming is the related?! Can someone please help, if you need a video of the humming maybe it would help. I've never had a WRX, heard they make some noises but I dont think this is one of them 😂
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