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  1. Builds
    Hey guys, so i recently bought my full sti drive train swap from an 05 sti with 80k on it ( trans, axles ,drive shaft, hubs, knuckles, brembos, r180,) What else do I need in order to make this fit in my wagon? I know I need wheels and suspension but idk what coils will fit the wagon as well as...
  2. The Woo's 03 WRX Wagon

    Seibon CF, Painted Hood, STI Scoop
  3. The Woo's 03 WRX Wagon

    Morette HID system, Grille Craft Upper Grill
  4. The Woo's 03 WRX Wagon

    ATI Pod, AC Autotechnic S7 Invision Gauge Cluster
  5. The Woo's 03 WRX Wagon

    AC Autotechnic Gauge Face, Blitz FATT,Momo Shift Knob, Panasonic Receiver with Forrester Storage pocket fitted in.
  6. The Woo's 03 WRX Wagon

    JDM Clear Corner with Real Super Bright LED. All Light bulbs in/out are LEDs
  7. The Woo's 2003 WRX Wagon

    Powerslot Big Brake System & EBC Green Stuff
1-8 of 8 Results