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  1. Want to Buy/Want to Trade
    Looking to buy a front bumper in case anyone has one by chance or parting out there car :)
    $0 USD
  2. Problem Diagnosis
    My 2011 wrx hatch has started to make a sound when on throttle around 3,500-4,000 rpm. it sounds like a blow off valve but only happens when I'm on throttle and actually driving, not stationary. It lasts for longer than a typical blow off valve though. My car is stock besides a cat back exhaust...
  3. Tuning & Engine Management
    the afrs are in a wave at some light throttle moments, is this bad, what can cause this? WOT pulls sometimes stutter, not sure why 2017 wrx, fmic, tgv/egr delete, intake, catted exhaust
  4. Parts For Sale (WRX-specific)
    Want to sell my brand new MAPerformance intake with ETS airbox. Decided to go back to stock so trying to regain some of my funds. I have some pics and can get more on request. It was installed and used for 2 days. It’s wrinkle black and literally brand new with all hardware and filter it came...
  5. Newbie Forum
    Greetings! Warning: Wall of text inbound. My family is about to go down to a one-car family, and we've decided to go with either my 2002 2.0L WRX or a new vehicle. That being said, the WRX has been used a bit hard, and the engine has had two head gasket replacements, the turbo is leaking, and...
  6. Newbie Forum
    I need help I’m deleting A/C on my ej20 wondering about the pros and cons as well as how to put it back together with just the heater working. NEED HELP
  7. Non-Performance Tech
    I've been having this hella annoying squeaking or creaking from my drivers seat whenever I move around since I bought the car 6 months ago. already tried lubricating the seat bolts and I even bought new ones but it keeps coming back a day or 2 later, please help!! video IMG_5141.MOV
  8. Newbie Forum
    So about a month ago I picked up a 2010 Impreza n/a ej253 for a steal and it has rod knock and I was originally planning on putting the stock engine back in it and I know all i am going to hear is just sell it and buy a wrx or sti but my whole purpose of doing this is to make it a little bit of...
  9. Parts For Sale (WRX-specific)
    Selling a used Cobb SF Intake with Airbox. Installation hardware ordered new from Cobb and unused. Airbox shows wear consistent with use. Complete kit for 08-14 WRX/STi and 09-13 FXT. Will also fit the following applications: Cobb SF Intake 08-14 WRX (15+ STi) 09-13 FXT Cobb SF Airbox...
  10. Problem Diagnosis
    My engine was rebuilt a few years ago at around 40,000 miles by Subaru under warranty. Ever since then I have noticed problems with cylinder 1 but I was able to fix the problem by occasionally changing out the spark plugs. The car is at 63,000 miles now and has a Boomba bypass valve and...
  11. Frequently Answered WRX Questions
    I just wanted to know if the WRX MY06/MY07 exhaust is compatible with the Impreza exhaust for the same generation. I'm only new to the scene and I'm not sure if they're compatible
  12. Newbie Forum
    Hey guys, I'm a novice around here but I have a question regarding my decision on buying a used WRX or an STI. I was recently looking into buying a used(2015~2018) WRX or a STI with an intention of tuning it (COBB stage 1 ~ 2, probably stage 3 later on.) Since I would be tuning this car from...
  13. Problem Diagnosis
    I am having problems with my car as it is running too lean and causing a misfire on all four cylinders. I have replaced spark plugs and done a compression test which was fine. I also got the o2 sensor circuit low voltage bank 1 sensor 2 code when i was checking the voltage on the o2 sensors...
  14. Problem Diagnosis
    Hey I'm new to the community, I just picked up a 03 Wagon Bugeye 5SPD and I started to notice a humming from the 60 to 95kph range. Only Hums when foot is on the accelerator Pitch only changes with speed (RPM and gear selection make no difference. Fluids are clean and full Some background...
  15. Builds
    Hi I just got a 2017 Subaru WRX and when I want to floor it the car hesitant to pass 3,500 rpms and only makes like 10 psi I’m wondering what’s wrong with the car ?
  16. Tuning & Engine Management
    Bought a 2011 wrx with a v2 app then I have bought the v3 but it will not communicate with the ecu. Do not have a clue what to do. Also the traction control and hill assist lights are on
  17. Problem Diagnosis
    So I recently installed the Cobb j pipe and did everything proper. Took the restrictor pill out and put their stage 2 tune on. Worked fine at first the first pull. After that my DAM dropped to almost 0.125 then I reflashed and now it's sitting steady at 0.5 which is still screwed up. When I go...
  18. Newbie Forum
    I’m engine swapping my wrx with an sti. ej205 to ej207 and it’s in and plugged in and runs but when I plug the mass air flow in the car dies. I’m still using the stock ecu for the wrx as well as O2 sensor. Any suggestions?
  19. Newbie Forum
    I'm new to Subaru's and need a second pair of eyes or two to look over my prospective purchase and let me know what to look for/what to avoid. 2007 LIGHTLY MODIFIED 2008 HEAVILY MODIFIED...
  20. Newbie Forum
    Hey y'all. Bought myself a 2020 WRX premium and right away the car popped the check engine light. The manager reassured me it was just likely that the gas cap was lose or something super minor, so i thought no big deal. 20 mins later, and I've basically finished the paperwork, the manager heard...
1-20 of 132 Results