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  1. Tuning & Engine Management
    I have a 2010 wrx limited I took it in to get it looked at an they said I need a new turbo I'm done to these 3 choices for my budget dorman cardone or mahle which is better
  2. Newbie Forum
    Need some help and advice. changed a 2007 Subaru Legacy GT limited turbo. the stock turbo had too much play in the shaft and had stopped working a bit ago. replaced with a oe turbo. I have noticed a difference in the way it drives and i hear a faint spool but no BOV. before the BOV was very...
  3. Newbie Forum
    My 05 automatic wrx wagon overheated one day because the upper radiator hose broke and went unnoticed till the coolant got relatively low and the car overheated. I let it cool down and tried to figure out where the leak was. after two attempts to get the car home (driving till it started getting...
  4. Problem Diagnosis
    So ive never had this problem before on my 02 wagon, it has a fresh motor and i just did an oil change the other day.(this was my first oil change and oil went everywhere, including frame. After the change ive noticed a smoking from the turbo area but it looks as if its a little lower, its been...
  5. Problem Diagnosis
    So after I had my Grimmspeed DP installed by a professional shop I've noticed the car will only spool up to about 15 PSI and after it gets to 15 PSI it will slowly start to loss boost as I carry it through the RPMs. The car has a cobb intake, remark axel back and also cobb accessport. I'm...
  6. Bolt-on Tech (EJ225/257 2.5L 04-07 STi 06-07 WRX)
    Recently i got my 07 wrx tuned by yumi's in santa clarita, I am pushing 20 psi and do not have any problems when going through gears 1-3. Some times have the problem in gear 4 and all the time in gear 5. I do have an exhaust leak because the gasket connecting the downpipe to the muffler is going...
  7. Problem Diagnosis
    Car was white smoking really bad at an autox event. My PCV system went out. I got the IAG AOS system and installed the other day . Car still smokes a little at start ups and reving the car. Car sits in garage 6 days a week. Will car still smoke cause the old oil still in system? I have no...
  8. Bolt-on Tech(EJ255/EJ257 2.5L 08+ WRX, STi, & GT)
    So I’m thinking about upgrading to a 20G turbo on my 03’ WRX. Question is do the oil and coolant lines match up or am I going to have to go up in size?? Anyone have a PN for a new line kit for my car and a 20G. Thanks!
  9. Problem Diagnosis
    Hey everyone, My 2011 WRX is only making about 10 PSI of boost on a good day. I've had it as high as 12, but that's it. It's currently Stage 1+ with Cobb OTS tune (91 octane) and Cobb SF intake. 97k miles stock turbo (stock everything except intake). I took the IC off and noticed a thin layer...
  10. Problem Diagnosis
    I know there are multiple forums for this but none of them seem to be my exact issue or they are never solved. I have a 2003 Subaru wrx completely stock besides an exhaust. No matter what gear I am in I can only reach about 3-4 psi when the target boost is 14 psi. I once disconnected the vacuum...
  11. Newbie Forum
    Hello, I live in Victora, Australia and im looking at an 01 wrx wagon, problem is the particular one i am looking at has a "new turbo" which could mean anything from an aftermarket or just a replacement turbo. It also has a blow off vlave, which is illegal in australia for everyone and every...
  12. My Rex

    2003 WRX with a turbo back exhaust, AEM short-ram intake.
  13. My Rex

    2003 WRX with a turbo back exhaust, AEM short-ram intake.
  14. My Rex

    2003 WRX with a turbo back exhaust, AEM short-ram intake.
  15. My Rex

    2003 WRX with a turbo back exhaust, AEM short-ram intake.
1-18 of 18 Results