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  1. Problem Diagnosis
    Hey folks! I recently sent my WRX to a local tuner to have the ECU remapped because it was running rich. Tuner confirmed it was running rich, and remapped it. Anyway, ever since the remap the car has been backfiring quite a bit. Once the car heats up, it backfires quite consistently when...
  2. Bolt-on Tech (EJ225/257 2.5L 04-07 STi 06-07 WRX)
    Hi so I’m just wondering if grimmspeed stage two would even require an accessport or should I go to dyno tune it? I wanna do the grimmspeed but I want to also not have my car blow up...any take on it
  3. Newbie Forum
    Hey guys, I'm a novice around here but I have a question regarding my decision on buying a used WRX or an STI. I was recently looking into buying a used(2015~2018) WRX or a STI with an intention of tuning it (COBB stage 1 ~ 2, probably stage 3 later on.) Since I would be tuning this car from...
  4. Parts For Sale (WRX-specific)
    Selling various parts from my 2015 WRX - willing to do bundle pricing, feel free to make an offer I also have an excellent e35 to e65 tune for the CAI + EtOH sensor kit, done by the BoostCreep - a COBB protuner in Colorado, great people! Can discuss pricing if interested GrimmSpeed...
1-4 of 4 Results