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    Turning on the QoS (Quality of Service) feature may optimally distribute the Internet bandwidth to be consumed by various web applications and softwares on your computer. It plays a vital role in prioritizing the Wi-fi bandwidth to the required web applications instead of wasting it for ordinary...
  2. Problem Diagnosis
    Wireless Schedule feature in your Tp-link router plays an important role in keeping the unwanted users away from accessing the Wi-fi connection. With the help of the wireless schedule, a user can automatically turn on or turn off the Wi-fi connection in his network according to...
  3. Frequently Answered WRX Questions
    Do not try to interrupt the update process of your router as any interruption during the update may lead to the failure of the Firmware update process. If a user is updating the firmware of his Tp-link router through the manual method, it is recommended to keep the downloaded firmware file in an...
1-3 of 3 Results