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  1. Problem Diagnosis
    Okay so normally not the one to post on something like this just look it up find it in a forum and move on with my life but i could not find anything on this specific situation to save my life. long story short blew the head gasket on my ej20 swapped in a ej25 and am in the tunning process...
  2. Wheels, Tires, Brakes, and Suspension
    Hello all Im new to the forum only because going through friends and other Subaru pages Im not getting answers. I have a 94 legacy GT (so JDM) and my front left axle needs replaced. I have the part number. But I need to know, is there a USDM equivalent- if so what is it? I just keep being told...
  3. Non-Performance Tech
    I've been having this hella annoying squeaking or creaking from my drivers seat whenever I move around since I bought the car 6 months ago. already tried lubricating the seat bolts and I even bought new ones but it keeps coming back a day or 2 later, please help!! video IMG_5141.MOV
  4. Newbie Forum
    So about a month ago I picked up a 2010 Impreza n/a ej253 for a steal and it has rod knock and I was originally planning on putting the stock engine back in it and I know all i am going to hear is just sell it and buy a wrx or sti but my whole purpose of doing this is to make it a little bit of...
  5. Builds
    Hi I just got a 2017 Subaru WRX and when I want to floor it the car hesitant to pass 3,500 rpms and only makes like 10 psi I’m wondering what’s wrong with the car ?
  6. Newbie Forum
    I’m engine swapping my wrx with an sti. ej205 to ej207 and it’s in and plugged in and runs but when I plug the mass air flow in the car dies. I’m still using the stock ecu for the wrx as well as O2 sensor. Any suggestions?
  7. Newbie Forum
    I'm new to Subaru's and need a second pair of eyes or two to look over my prospective purchase and let me know what to look for/what to avoid. 2007 LIGHTLY MODIFIED 2008 HEAVILY MODIFIED...
  8. Newbie Forum
    I accidently have recently come across a 2 door WRX STI in my home state (South Australia) it is my friends neighbours car which has been sitting for 15 years outdoors and not started since the early 2000s. My guess to why is as good as yours at the moment it was just left there on one sunny day...
  9. My Rex

    2003 WRX with a turbo back exhaust, AEM short-ram intake.
  10. My Rex

    2003 WRX with a turbo back exhaust, AEM short-ram intake.
  11. My Rex

    2003 WRX with a turbo back exhaust, AEM short-ram intake.
  12. My Rex

    2003 WRX with a turbo back exhaust, AEM short-ram intake.
  13. 07 wrx

    bone stock right now.. but looking into getting some mods..maybe exhaust and ac port
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1-18 of 18 Results