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  1. Looking to install stock Turbo, Intercooler and BOV in 01' WRX Wagon, AUS

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    Hello, I live in Victora, Australia and im looking at an 01 wrx wagon, problem is the particular one i am looking at has a "new turbo" which could mean anything from an aftermarket or just a replacement turbo. It also has a blow off vlave, which is illegal in australia for everyone and every...
  2. Rear View

    Rear View

  3. Jan. 04

    Jan. 04

  4. WRX Rear

    WRX Rear

    No plates yet!
  5. WRX Front & Side

    WRX Front & Side

    First pic of my brand new WRX.
  6. Gauges


    A night pic of my gauges
  7. WRX front

    WRX front

    Just a pic of the front
  8. Red Wagon

    Red Wagon

    All cleaned up with fog light covers installed
  9. right-front


    pic from the day I brought her home