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  1. Parts For Sale (WRX-specific)
    Want to sell my brand new MAPerformance intake with ETS airbox. Decided to go back to stock so trying to regain some of my funds. I have some pics and can get more on request. It was installed and used for 2 days. It’s wrinkle black and literally brand new with all hardware and filter it came...
  2. Builds
    Hey guys, so i recently bought my full sti drive train swap from an 05 sti with 80k on it ( trans, axles ,drive shaft, hubs, knuckles, brembos, r180,) What else do I need in order to make this fit in my wagon? I know I need wheels and suspension but idk what coils will fit the wagon as well as...
  3. Problem Diagnosis
    My speedometer doesn’t work at low speeds it kicks back on around 55 mph. It started happening after I washed my engine bay. I disconnected my battery, covered my turbo, and covered my air intake
  4. Parts For Sale (WRX-specific)
    Selling a used Cobb SF Intake with Airbox. Installation hardware ordered new from Cobb and unused. Airbox shows wear consistent with use. Complete kit for 08-14 WRX/STi and 09-13 FXT. Will also fit the following applications: Cobb SF Intake 08-14 WRX (15+ STi) 09-13 FXT Cobb SF Airbox...
  5. Articles: Power Mods
    So i have a 2004 WRX STI. It is the EU version with the EJ20G Closed Deck engine making about 275 HP Crank and about 250 HP Wheel. I want to build it for about 600 to 700 Crack HP and to be SOMEWHAT reliable(I know its never gonna be fully reliable and I am ok with that). I have found many...
  6. Newbie Forum
    Hey guys, I'm a novice around here but I have a question regarding my decision on buying a used WRX or an STI. I was recently looking into buying a used(2015~2018) WRX or a STI with an intention of tuning it (COBB stage 1 ~ 2, probably stage 3 later on.) Since I would be tuning this car from...
  7. Builds
    Let it be apparent that this will be my first real build, with that said I want to get into the nitty-gritty that will be required to make this build work. To my dismay I have a come across another thread or two mentioning that the whole reason to buy a STi and not swap is the cost of the...
  8. Newbie Forum
    I’m engine swapping my wrx with an sti. ej205 to ej207 and it’s in and plugged in and runs but when I plug the mass air flow in the car dies. I’m still using the stock ecu for the wrx as well as O2 sensor. Any suggestions?
  9. Newbie Forum
    Hey there! New guy here. I have come across a deal on a wrecked 2018 sti. I am looking into swapping the motor into an 06’ sti. The wrecked sti has under 500 miles on the chassis. Rims, tires, brakes, motor in pristine condition. It was badly wrecked and impacted on the passenger side. I have...
  10. Sti

    05 wrx sti
  11. Sti

    05 wrx sti
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    lil dirty...
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1-20 of 32 Results