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  1. Newbie Forum
    Hi everyone I own a 2001 WRX turbo (EJ20)and I am looking to do a hybrid build(EJ257). I was just wondering if any one has any experience with doing this and could help me with finding the best/ right parts. If you guys could leave some suggestions/tips on how your build went I would really...
  2. Parts For Sale (WRX-specific)
    I've got a cobb SF complete intake system (intake, heatshield, post MAF hose) that will fit a 15-18 STI. Has all the brackets, screws and clamps. In good condition, was used for about a year. The filter is a little scrunched from pushing up against the side of the car, but no issues other than...
  3. Newbie Forum
    Hey there! New guy here. I have come across a deal on a wrecked 2018 sti. I am looking into swapping the motor into an 06’ sti. The wrecked sti has under 500 miles on the chassis. Rims, tires, brakes, motor in pristine condition. It was badly wrecked and impacted on the passenger side. I have...
1-3 of 3 Results