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  1. Problem Diagnosis
    Hi, for the past year or so, my 2003 WRX (blob eye) has had an issue where on a cold start, it will make a knocking sound which sounds like its from the left side of the engine. After idling for a little bit, driving a few hundred meters, then stopping and starting the car it goes away. I...
  2. Newbie Forum
    Hey y'all! I'm at a loss right now. I can't find where my coolant is leaking from. To try to fix it, I replaced my radiator, thermostat, and upper/lower hoses. And a small elbow hose that is close to the thermostat. It still was leaking. When it leaks, with the car off, the dripping...
  3. Newbie Forum
    So about a month ago I picked up a 2010 Impreza n/a ej253 for a steal and it has rod knock and I was originally planning on putting the stock engine back in it and I know all i am going to hear is just sell it and buy a wrx or sti but my whole purpose of doing this is to make it a little bit of...
  4. Newbie Forum
    Please someone help!! I have a 2013 WRX Premium Sedan with 116k miles. The engine just went out about a month ago and my car is one of the models included in the lawsuit that Subaru had with the ej25's failing prematurely because of contaminated oil and lack of bearing lubrication. I am a State...
  5. Bolt-On Tech (EJ205 2.0L '02-05 WRX)
    link to video of noise: I recently swapped in a motor that has 68k miles & when i started it up i heard this whining noise coming from the from left side of the motor. i didn't get any other CEL other than the one of me not having a O2 on the down pipe can anyone help? TIA mod list; cobb...
  6. rex

    ej205 rex
1-6 of 6 Results