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  1. Parts For Sale (WRX-specific)
    I've got a cobb SF complete intake system (intake, heatshield, post MAF hose) that will fit a 15-18 STI. Has all the brackets, screws and clamps. In good condition, was used for about a year. The filter is a little scrunched from pushing up against the side of the car, but no issues other than...
  2. Problem Diagnosis
    So I recently installed the Cobb j pipe and did everything proper. Took the restrictor pill out and put their stage 2 tune on. Worked fine at first the first pull. After that my DAM dropped to almost 0.125 then I reflashed and now it's sitting steady at 0.5 which is still screwed up. When I go...
  3. STi Pride

    STi Pride

    My car rules!!!
  4. car5


  5. car4


  6. car3


    *** stlye tails
  7. car2


    debaged grill
  8. car1


    cleared lights
  9. cleared and low! looking good

    cleared and low! looking good

    just some pictures i have!
  10. i called it mimi wrx!!

    i called it mimi wrx!!

    just some fun with photo shop!