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  1. Newbie Forum
    Greetings! Warning: Wall of text inbound. My family is about to go down to a one-car family, and we've decided to go with either my 2002 2.0L WRX or a new vehicle. That being said, the WRX has been used a bit hard, and the engine has had two head gasket replacements, the turbo is leaking, and...
  2. Newbie Forum
    I need help I’m deleting A/C on my ej20 wondering about the pros and cons as well as how to put it back together with just the heater working. NEED HELP
  3. Problem Diagnosis
    So I've got a 2003 bug eye, with several issues as of right now. I've had this car for about 4-5 years now, I'm by no means a master at working on cars. (I went for computer repair rather than automotive in college) Anyways, the main issue I'm having that I'm trying to figure out is the...
  4. Bolt-on Tech(EJ255/EJ257 2.5L 08+ WRX, STi, & GT)
    So I’m thinking about upgrading to a 20G turbo on my 03’ WRX. Question is do the oil and coolant lines match up or am I going to have to go up in size?? Anyone have a PN for a new line kit for my car and a 20G. Thanks!
  5. Problem Diagnosis
    Hey I'm new to the community, I just picked up a 03 Wagon Bugeye 5SPD and I started to notice a humming from the 60 to 95kph range. Only Hums when foot is on the accelerator Pitch only changes with speed (RPM and gear selection make no difference. Fluids are clean and full Some background...
  6. 03 rex as seen by my brother

    The image is done through a GSXR mirror.
  7. 03 rex as seen by my brother

    I think this is the most aggressive of all, my personal favorite
  8. 03 rex as seen by my brother

    Twin tip exhaust looks shiny... And my license plate cover US Air Force, i've crossed into the blue...
  9. 03 rex as seen by my brother

    Night lite at the house, PSM reflects light very well...
1-9 of 9 Results