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  1. Newbie Forum
    Greetings! Warning: Wall of text inbound. My family is about to go down to a one-car family, and we've decided to go with either my 2002 2.0L WRX or a new vehicle. That being said, the WRX has been used a bit hard, and the engine has had two head gasket replacements, the turbo is leaking, and...
  2. Problem Diagnosis
    We're looking to rebuild the transmission on an '02 Impreza. Does anybody know of good sources for rebuild kits, or general how-to knowledge? Any help would be appreciated, this is my first car, and we lost the ability to reverse. I'd love to fix her up as well as I can
  3. A little snow on my wrx

    Wrx Prime Time
  4. Night Rider

    Night Riding all night.
  5. 02 Wrx practice

    Gotta practice Daily
  6. Rallying in the snow

    Snow + Wrx = Priceless
1-10 of 10 Results