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  1. Bolt-On Tech (EJ205 2.0L '02-05 WRX)
    hey guys new to the scooby life i have 03 sti motor and 60mm turbo with 82,000 miles on it when i first bought it it only overheated at idle so i put dual mishimoto fans in wired to a switch i can control inside and i put a mishimoto thermostat in. After all that i put new coolant in and burped...
  2. 03 Bugeye

  3. 03 Bugeye

  4. car

    side pic
  5. 03 dark blue

    03 midnight blue
  6. 03 dark blue

    03 midnight blue
  7. 03 midnight blue

    03 midnight blue
1-8 of 8 Results