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World Rally BLue
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So heres my story. Had a 2006 Jeep Hemi 4x4 Limited. Added cold air intake, exhaust, roof racks, lights, air compressor, power inverter, spot lights, leds, all sorts of goodies. I have a few toys so it was nice to use it for towing. The "motors" go: a 26' searay cabin cruiser fishing 'mini-yacht', 750 sxi stand up jet ski, yz450f dirt bike, and a kawi vulcan 1500 cruiser motorcycle. So yeah, a big ole' beast of a tow rig was necessary. But, I also got sick of driving around a hemi as my DD. So, time to get my dream car since I was a little boy. Picked her up with my girlfriend. Walked in and honestly didn't think I was going to get a car that day. But, when you just know its right and that you can afford it, sometimes life just hands you such luxuries. I traded in my jeep on the spot, and went for a 2014 WRX premium in WRB. Was quite a crazy weekend, and now that I have the car, the bug begins. Have just under 4k on the car at the time of writing this, who knows what sort of adventures we'll go on. Palomar mountain for lunch, big bear for some snowboarding, havasu for a lake day, grand canyon for an afternoon sunset? All possible options, and when you throw my girlfriend Gabby into the mix, we'll drive clear cross country just to cause, why not? Anyways, plan on taking tons of pics of my car, recording some of the mods i've done, and hopefully get some new ideas from you guys on what is 'next' on the list. Cheers!
2014 Subaru WRX (World Rally BLue)


100% stock. But here is what I am thinking. Going stage 2 cobb tune. Invidia exhaust, with the titanium burnt looking exhaust tips, love that, Cobb air intake... or the AEM CAI set up. I live in San Diego so yeah. Thats honestly probably it. I'm sure I'll find lots more ideas so we'll go from there.
Valentine Radar. Hard wired to electric mirror and mounted below mirror.
Phone mount on CD deck. Don't love it, but it works. Tried the cup holder one. Hated it. Was way too in the way. Then tried the iGrip cigarette lighter one, and that wasn't long enough. Don't want to put anything on my window. Even with a future cobb programer, I'll mount that on the left side of the steering wheel. With the stage 2, I want to get the dual pod gauge holder.
Reddit subaru sticker (First mod)
Red pin stripe around grill
Carbon fiber front bumper gilles
20% tint all around
Red tailight overlays
Red third brake light
Exhaust covers (OEM)
Black steel license plate holders (front & rear)
Eh - I def don't love the stereo in the car. For now, sure its fine. But I eventually want to get a indash DVD player. Have it still work with my blue-tooth and the hand controls on the steering wheel. Get new speakers all around, maybe a separate amp to power everything. Def want to build a sub into the spare tire well and put plexi-glass window with some neons. Already have a ROLA trunk tray back there now. LOVE That thing. Have to strap it down still cause getting some can cause it to move slightly, and we can't be having that. Dynamat the entire care, make it sound proof!
Stock. Leaving it that way. Love how it handles really. Maybe some upgraded bushings and I hear something of this "PERRIN" company that makes some pretty trick stuff to stiffen up the gear shift set up. DEF would be interested in doing that. Right now the shifter feels a little sloppy in a way, and almost difficult sometimes to get into first. I want it snappy. Perfect. Locked in. Stronger. Shorter. All that good stuff. I have the STI short shifter already, came as an extra from the dealership. Not sure how this went on such a tangent, but now you know.
Wheel and Tire
Nothing. Don't plan on doing anything for a while. I like the stock wheels, even love the color. I WOULD however consider gold STI 18" wheel / tire package. So if for any reason someone on here wants to get rid of theirs, or maybe trade for some WRX wheels (maybe use for a snow tire set up?) hit me up.


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