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  1. Radiator fans wont spin

    Problem Diagnosis
    A few questions: Did the fans work before? Are they plugged in fully? (I know, I know.... but you gotta ask.) Can you put 12v directly to the fan contacts and do they come on? If not, probably something wrong with the contacts/brushes and the easiest fix is to replace the fans.
  2. 02 5speed grinds when put in 1st & reverse

    Drivetrain & Tranny
    Sounds like worn out synchros for the grinding. As for the slowing way down to shift into 1st, that is pretty typical for our cars (I am assuming you have the 5-speed).
  3. Engine swap ideas?

    It's not a simple process:
  4. Clutch replacement?

    Drivetrain & Tranny
    I have a very similar build to yours on an 06 and use the stock clutch. I don't have any problems with it. Replaced it once when I got the car 5 years ago and haven't had to do anything with it since. Once you start upgrading your clutch, you start making other parts of your drivetrain the...
  5. o2 sensor?

    Problem Diagnosis
    Based on my search, I believe that you are correct and it is on the driver's side. Might include your year/model just to verify.

    All Other WRX Clubs
    Stick with OEM. No reason to go heavy duty until you start developing much more power. Cheaper and easier on the left foot (and trans).
  7. AcceSsport v3 won’t connect to pc

    Newbie Forum
    Try the flowchart on Cobb's website. The last step is, as daddy4count mentioned, to call customer service. It also mentions that if you are using a Windows 10 machine, you may have to update the Accessport on an older machine as Cobb has decided to blame Windows instead of updating their...
  8. Fasteners

    Problem Diagnosis
    Is this what you bought I think I had the same clip break after driving through a bit of standing water. This looks like what I remember seeing on mine. About 10 o'clock on the driver's...
  9. Options to get rid of gas smell

    Newbie Forum
    I am not refuting your point Ruso, and if you look at what I am saying, I am actually agreeing with you; However, the original question was IF the tune would work. And, yes, it will, as long as certain driving habits are adhered to. Is it ideal? no: Does it work?: n=1(or a few more, if some...
  10. Options to get rid of gas smell

    Newbie Forum
    OP has a TD04.
  11. WTB: Snow WHEELS/TIRES for 2019 WRX

    Want to Buy/Want to Trade
  12. Options to get rid of gas smell

    Newbie Forum
    Not entirely true. You just can't stomp the gas in 4th/5th (which you shouldn't be doing anyway), and you may need to use the LWG map/play with the wastegate settings in order to keep from overboosting. Otherwise, it works fine. Cobb has a map for their EBCS which would work, but if OP is...
  13. Odd squeak... boost leak?

    Problem Diagnosis
    Do you have your AC on when it does it?
  14. New Wrx Owner in N.C.

    Newbie Forum
    We seem to have taken an similar path. I had a 2000 z28 and sold it for a 350z. Got my WRX after the Nissan proved to be completely useless on the highway in snow. Now I've come full circle and found a nice 2000 SS Camaro. My wife thinks I am crazy, but she gets to drive the 350z, so she...
  15. Stock Audio Sucks

    Non-Performance Tech
    If you are just looking for an amp to power your door speakers, this is what I have in my car and I like it: I have mine on the floor under the glove box and I haven't had anyone complain about it being in the way. It is...
  16. 06 wrx feedback concern.

    Tuning & Engine Management
    The reason that the numbers go away quickly is because the ECU zeros out the feedback knock every time you change engine load levels. Is your DAM constantly at 1.0, or does it dip lower? You might also list any mods you have done/what type of tune you have (protune vs. OTS). There are lots of...
  17. New to Subaru

    Newbie Forum
    RallySportDirect, TurnInConcepts, Cobb (if your pockets are deep and you patience is short), FastWRX are the ones that come to mind for me. Of course, nothing will beat finding a good tuning shop nearby that can help you with choosing the right part configurations and keep your car running...
  18. Engine light

    Tuning & Engine Management
    Are you tuned for an aftermarket downpipe? If it is catless or a higher flowing cat, it is possible that you are seeing a catalyst below efficiency code or even overboosting. Can you give us some more information? What lights are you seeing? Is the cruise light blinking as well as the CEL...
  19. 300whp on 2017/2018 WRX? -- newbie here

    Bolt-on Tech(EJ255/EJ257 2.5L 08+ WRX, STi, & GT)
    Aren't you supposed to take leases in for regular service? That would require you to return it to stock every time you had to get an oil change.
  20. 2015 WRX subwoofer fire hazard question

    Newbie Forum
    You should be able to put your VIN into and it will tell you if you are affected.
1-20 of 114 Results