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  1. The DIY Thread

    Non-Performance Tech
    02 stage 1 This shows the painted skirts, grill and stockers.
  2. What you think about these gauges?

    Bolt-On Tech (EJ205 2.0L '02-05 WRX)
    I have an 02 that Im loading stage 1 on this weekend and ordering up/down pipes soon so I can go stage 2. I wanted to at least get a boost guage. Does anyone know if the car is pre-wired for one? Since it was an option I figure it prob has a connection for the wiring at least. If thats the case...
  3. radio help

    Non-Performance Tech
    Ive got an 02 also and my clock stopped working shortly after I got the car. I was about to buy a new one because Im not a fan of the guage cluster. I found a link that I think was on scoobymods. A guy said it was a broken solder joint. I pulled mine apart but couldnt tell it it was broken...
1-3 of 3 Results