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  1. Fng

    Newbie Forum
    Thanks man, it's been a labor of love for sure.
  2. Usdm EJ 205 to Jdm 207 swap/build

    Hey gents and gals, I'm doing a motor swap for an 04 wrx wagon. The current setup is: Cobb intake, Invidia catless up pipe, Cobb downpipe, borla xr1 catback, walborough 355lph fuel pump, sti blues, jdm ej205 w/single avcs. The motor itself came from jdm import in Long Beach CA. It came with a...
  3. Fng

    Newbie Forum
    Hey y'all, Just wanted to say hello. On my second WRX, and in the middle of an engine swap from a usdm ej 205 to a jdm 205 with avcs. Any advice or tips would be appreciated. Thanks!
1-3 of 3 Results