Get in the game: GMC vehicles awarded to Madden NFL 25 MVPs
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Get in the game: GMC vehicles awarded to Madden NFL 25 MVPs

This holiday season, a time-tested classic sits atop the wish lists of gamers and sports fans alike. The critically-acclaimed 25th edition of the EA SPORTS Madden NFL video game franchise arrived in stores earlier this year. In addition to superb gameplay and top-tier realism, the game comes with a new addition this year—GMC, the official vehicle of the NFL.

Throughout the game, vehicles appear at various points—between quarters, on the scoreboard, and even on the field after a Super Bowl victory. Just as in real life, the game's MVP is awarded a 2014 GMC vehicle. Models featured in the game include the All-New 2014 Sierra, Yukon, Acadia, and Terrain.

Additionally, with systems hooked up for online play, users are able to watch and participate in the GMC Never Say Never Moment of the Week. Fans are able to relive the best moments of the past NFL season, and to try to recreate them with their team in the most realistic, long-running gridiron game of all time.

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