Wanna Race? Here’s 10 Ways to Get Started.
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Wanna Race? Here’s 10 Ways to Get Started.

Auto racing often seems like a sport that many aspire to, but few succeed in. While it's true that the road to professional racing is a long and narrow one, there are ample opportunities for the novice enthusiast to have fun on the track as well. Here's a list of 10 ways to get involved in entry-level racing:

1. Autocross

2. Advanced Driving School

3. Amateur Drag Racing

4. Drift Clinic

5. Track Days

6. 24 Hours of LeMONS

7. Go Karts

8. Rally Racing

9. Demolition Derby

10. Land Speed Racing

For more information on each of these 10 items, as well as links to organizations that can help you get started, visit the full story at www.DrivingLine.com.

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