Bet you haven’t seen Supras this clean
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Bet you haven’t seen Supras this clean

The Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA was the backdrop for the show of shows for Southern California Toyota owners and enthusiasts alike. The 19th Annual All-Toyotafest limits its participants to Toyota, Scion, and Lexus vehicles, but there is no shortage of diversity amongst the Toyota legacy.

Toyotafest brought together a wide selection of Supras, Toyota's iconic sports car. Its wide stance, sporty design combined with a smooth and powerful inline-6 motor sending power to the rear wheels made it highly desired among auto enthusiasts. Sales stopped in 1998 but its popularity has continued to grow, in part from its roles in movies like Fast and Furious and video games such as Gran Turismo. From the fiberglass fender flares of the MKII Supra to the big wing and quad circle taillights of the MKIV, we check out the top 10 Supras at Toyotafest. See more details at


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