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Conversation Between Kramericaa and baumgartenb
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  1. Kramericaa
    06-15-2011 02:47 PM - permalink
    Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I haven't been up on the forums lately. I'm glad to hear the car is still running like a champ. How many miles on her now? Yea, the turbos(specially stage 2 on the stock) tend to go around 100k depending on the driver. I like the new look of her.

    As for my STi, it's running good. I love the bulletproof tranny most of all. Not to mention it feels and pulls like a V8. Just minor wear and tear replacements. I put new brake pads on her and just did the 60k mile service(Just passed 58.5k). I bought it last August with 47,000. I'm about to put her up for sale though. Only because I want something a little more practical. Also, I have a ZX10R if I really feel the need to go fast, so I feel the STi is a lil much. I'm looking at getting an 04-05 Volvo S60 R. Maybe the kid is starting to grow out of me. lol.

    But anyways, glad to hear from ya. Keep in touch.
  2. baumgartenb
    04-09-2011 08:03 AM - permalink
    How's the STI running? Ive done quite a bit to my car lately...I hit a deer so the whole front end got painted, I put a big TMIC on drilled and slotted rotors, and cobb springs. but I think the turbo may be on its way out, I did a boost leak test and its leaking a little bit in that area...kinda shitty but I'm not going to replace it until it goes completely...other than that its running like a champ! Oh and btw those rims that came with the car, I sold those last year to a kid, and about a month ago the tire completely shredded off the sidewall...I think it must have been a defect or something lol glad it wasn't me!
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