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  1. FaithxIn_Cha0s
    03-03-2012 01:12 PM - permalink
    Newbie owner with a question!

    Just purchased my 02 WRX - driving it home next Friday.
    It's got 126K and very well maintained by original owner.
    He kept almost everything stock except for AEM intake and GFB BOV.
    He also replaced the turbo with a stock 07-08 I believe.

    My question is, seeing as you have the same model year - and I'm assuming its a 5spd if not an STI - how reliable is the tranny?
    The only minor repair needed on mine was a viscous coupling but other than that everything is smooth. Just wanted to get an opinion from another owner about their tranny and weather or not I'll be looking at a rebuild anytime soon.

    Thanks ! :D
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