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BoostinChick 09-09-2012 07:42 PM

Snowboaring Meet!
Hey guys, I am a winter fanatic. Mostly because I love snowboarding. Every season late January to early February there is a group of us that rent a condo on Sugarloaf mountain and snowboard/ski for the week. The price has remained the same each year (we have gone the last 3-years), so was wondering if anyone would be interested? I get NOTHING from this, I just wanted to pass on the savings for others as this is a great trip and a really good deal.

It's $365/per adult (Age 19+) and includes:[list]5-days/5-nights in a condo that is located on the mountain (and I mean literally ON the mountain. We walk out of our condo and one of the lifts is a few hundred feet away)[/list][list]5-day lift ticket that is good for[/list][list]Use of sports fitness center (hot tub indoor/outdoor, pool, gym, etc.)[/list][list]Daily Adult Ski/Snowboard Lessons[/list]
The only catch is that you have to get yourself there. I will be scanning the forms sometime this week for my other friends/group. I usually go with a group of 8 and get a 4-bedroom/2-full bathroom condo. If you can get a larger group, then you get a larger condo. Some even have hot tubs attached to them.

Link: [url=]Sugarloaf | Maine & New England's Premier Ski and Golf Resort - Great Lodging & Lift Ticket Deals[/url]

man show 09-09-2012 09:20 PM

Sounds like a helluva good time. As long as the roads are plowed and if I can recruit someone to keep me company, I'd be interested.

BoostinChick 09-10-2012 08:56 AM

We have a few singles that go. 2 of the rooms in the condo we have stayed in have twin beds. It's funny we all stay in the house together, but we separate on the mountain. The only times we really interact with each other are after the day is done and half of us eat, then go to bed. The other half will play board games, drink tons of booze, watch TV, got on the Internet, etc. But I see what you are saying. Would be cool to have a buddy anyway.

Also, the mountain also has an app made by Replay. I will post some of my runs later when I get home so you get a better idea of the mountain. The app is pretty neat, it gives you an approximate speed (fastest/slowest), how many runs you did, it tracks you on Google maps the routes you took. I think one day I was clocked doing 40 mph and did 7-miles before lunch. My board was not waxed or edged either. My buddy who had a fresh Libtech was clocked ~60 mph.

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