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Colby1321 12-01-2010 02:52 PM

Powder Coating
Anyone know any good powder coaters in MA and their prices? lookin to paint the wheels on my 08 wrx

man show 12-02-2010 10:33 AM

Several things to consider when powder coating your wheels:

1. You must dismount the tires and remove the center caps and valve stems. Only the metal is able to be powder coated, not plastic or rubber. You would then have to re-mount the tires with new valve stems and this can be rather expensive unless you or someone you know can do it cheap.

2. Next, you would have to either leave the center caps how they are or try to find a paint that would match the powder coat and paint them separately (or you could leave the center caps off).

3. Powder coating costs more than painting, materials and labor included.

4. The powder coat is more durable than paint, but it can still chip or scratch if you happen to hit some debris or get too close to a curb. You can touch up powder coated wheels with paint, but it doesn't always match. If you painted the wheels, you can touch them up with the same color (minus any fading from the sun), or re-do an entire wheel much easier than if you were to powder coat it again.

5. It is argued that the powdercoating process weakens the structure of the wheels.

...can you tell what side of the fence I'm on? :)

Colby1321 12-02-2010 07:48 PM

haha yeaaa i can tell. I will most likey do the painting steps that you posted in my other post manshow

man show 12-04-2010 09:55 AM

If you still have your heart set on powder coating, that's cool too. There are definitely some pros to powder coating - for example, the finish is more durable, so the edges of your wheels might not scratch as badly (or at all) if you get a fresh set of tires mounted if that's your only set of wheels. I recently dismounted my all seasons and mounted a set of winter tires on my painted stock wheels and some of the paint around the edges of the wheels scraped off so I'll have to touch them up when the weather warms up again. There really is a lot to think about, so do some research and figure out what's best for you.

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