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SoGardSuby 03-21-2007 09:00 PM

Hey, just wanted to introduce myself and i figured the best place to do it would be the NE section seein as how I am from mass. Names nate, livin in Gardner which is worcester county (about 30 minutes from worcester). I've been in the import scene for a few years. Always loved hondas. Right now I own a 1994 civic ex and aside from some jdm oem headlights, cornerlights and foglights she's bonestock. I had some big plans for her last year but decided it just isnt worth it to me workin with the little, sohc, fwd hondas anymore. I just use it as my DD/commuter and I intend to keep it that way. Im fairly new to the subaru scene so im sure i'll have lots of questions to ask. Have drivin a couple of my friends wrx's (an 02 and 04) and i love em! I got a nice job in the works right now and I'm really hopin that goes through. I plan on gettin a suby in the near future. Depending on my income and other monthly bills im gunna be lookin for an 03 bugeye, an 04-05 wrx or an 04-05 sti. !Thumbs Up

edit: i reposted this in the member introduction section...guess i missed it b4...mod's feel free to delete this

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