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FreeDiRo 08-07-2012 04:25 PM

Crawford Performance Shop
So I am looking for some local shops that I can use on a regular basis and build a good relationship with so I can trust them with my car no matter the issue. But, my main question is about their Stage 1 package they offer, [URL=""]here.[/URL] (I have never once read on this or other forums of using an air/oil separator in a stage 1 reflash with the Cobb AP) I was curious if anyone has seen or used this before and if it is even worth it. I was also looking into getting a CBE, should I justwait and save up to do this all at the same time? I want a TBE, but not sure if I am ready for that commitment level yet, nor do I have the cash for all that not to mention I would want a protune with it also. So that is, unfortunately, out of the question.

I have only had my 06 WRX for about a month now and I am already used the power and want/need more! But, I want to do it right and I want to be able to slowly upgrade the car without having to go back an re-upgrade certain parts.

Thanks for the help and if you have any shop recommendations I would love to check out some other places before I commit to anyone.

brfatal 08-07-2012 10:28 PM

Over priced. Unless you track the car their AOS is not a necessity for stage 1. And at that stage in modding paying a premium for another OTS map over Cobb's is not really well spent.

I'm, not savvy on Crawford. They've had a few issues with their engine builds (bad builds and the customers get blamed) and they tend to offer shoddy engine advice.

FreeDiRo 08-08-2012 02:53 AM

Cool, that's what I am looking for, because the AOS has never once came up in Stage 1 or 2 threads I have read. I think I may just buy the Cobb AP and find a good CBE, probably Cobb, Perrin or Nvidia and go with a reflash to stage 1.

Looks like I may be looking elsewhere for a Subie tuner shop. Any other advice would be greatly appreciated!

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