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silencer delete elbow/snorkus delete elbow

ive got a 2.5l 2007 wrx tr. just installed the silencer delete elbow, not thrilled at all. (i got mine from 2002-2007 WRX & 2004-2007 STi Intake Silencer Delete Elbow, JSC Speed WRX & STi Intake)
a small note: the stock snorkus has a small hole in the very bottom, leading me to suspect subaru anticipated the possibility of water either forming or entering somehow in the silencer/tubing, the elbow delete has no small hole in the bottom. although its a very minimal worry- that hole does exists in the snorkus. perhaps to let small rolling debris fall out?
first of all the tubing diameters are just slightly smaller on the elbow i suspect it was all based on the 2.0l engines. i got a reflash and invidia highflow catted downpipe(and 3 inch borla catback) from my tuner. what he did with those parts made my stock turbo and bpv sound awesome. putting the elbow on didnt do anything to change this sound. and when trying to put the front funnel back on it was way over to my right and i had to pull like hell to the left to get the bolts back in. its still smished over enough to the right so it contacts a certain point in my hood when shut(it will bounce and not shut if i dont help it down).
im sure for the 2.0l wrx's out there its a wonderful thing. i just didnt see it as such.
anyone else want it? $30
as i type it is 8-13-08 i removed the elbow, (i found i enjoyed my car better with no elbow or snorkus, placebo or not) was planning to saw the snorkus and epoxy over the hole, until i noticed just how much dirt/dust and how many dead flies/bees/other insects were in the bottom of the snorkus and was reminded about the physics of airflow in the human(or any mammal's) nose, there are some folds here and there in our noses that help spin the air in a way that throws off particulate to the sides (and it gets trapped in the mucous)(if you've ever push broom swept a large driveway and then blow your nose you'd realize how much dust ends up in there), my theory is that the snorkus functions to help throw off and collect particulate such as dirt and flies so it may function as a pre-filter dirt/stuff separator. im happily going to re-attach my stock snorkus.
the elbow was not worth it for me.
i added a picture of what i shook out of my snorkus, id rather have this stuff in the snorkus than in the air box, just less crap clogging the filter.
"it fit loose like a loose girl being held by the ankles and shoved head long into a very large very loose vagina."

i had the snorkus placed back on. i should have taken a picture of my air filter before i left the dealer(dealer: 15k service). there was a black spot right where incoming air hit the filter, looked charred for some reason. maybe it was sucking under-hood heat directly onto it... possibly during car washes the filter was getting wet, black mold?.... who knows. but im glad to have the snorkus back on. the black spot on the filter was exactly circular (and had a black trailing edge to it on one rim of the black circle like a comet's tail but more blunt and feathered out.) im proud of my snorkus.
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