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eighth08 02-04-2006 07:22 PM

No hassle place to upload videos online -free

Login with:
username: wrxtuners
password: wrxtuner

Click browse, search your computer for the file you wish to share, then click upload.
After you recieve the screen telling you it was successful, link to the URL below:

[url][/url] <-- modify the your-file-name to whatever the file name is that you uploaded.

Any questions or problems please email me: [email][/email]!!


RULES: Please follow or your IP will be banned from the upload server***

1)Keep it decent. Some of us view this stuff at work.
2)No street racing, as it is not legal.. we do not want to promote it on
3)No files over 100mb's.. it will not let you anyways, but dont waste your time uploading something 300mb's just to find it wont work
4)Do not upload anything except videos and pictures. Files that are programs, ie. *.exe, *.bat etc. etc. will have you banned.
5)Enjoy the free service!

Thankyou Chris for letting me share this service.

Ian 02-04-2006 07:27 PM

I like the idea of this and thank you for it. I gave it a read me thingy for you.
Now for the people that use this please remember no street racing video's.
Thank you, Ian

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