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latinWRX 02-09-2004 08:55 PM

Removing the rear badges
Ok. Some of us like the clean look that comes from removing the rear badges. Here's a nice and quick way to do this.


dental floss
masking tape
heat gun
glue remover (like GOO GONE)

First rap some masking tape around your index fingers so you don't cut yourself. Then cut a long piece of the dental floss and rap it around both fingers. Using a saw-like motion (side to side) behind the badges, "cut" out the badges.

Ok, now you are left with the remains of the glue in form of the letters. You have 2 choices: take all day and rub out the glue using the glue remover or (like I did) use the heat gun and heat the glue. DONT HEAT THE GLUE DIRECTLY. Sway the heat gun at about 2-3 inches from the glue letters. Then with a paper towel, tear the glue letters away. CAREFUL THEY ARE HOT. Keep heating and tearing away until almost all the glue is gone. then, with the glue remover and the paper towel rub away the remaining glue.


DON'T--> 1) rub the glue letters with your nails or a sharp object because you might scratch the surface.

2) try to remove the badges by heating them cause you will melt them

I'll post some pics where I replaced the badges on other places of the wrx.

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