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Jmoney007 01-13-2004 12:24 PM

JDM STi Pedal set install (STD)
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Jeremy's JDM STi pedal install 1-12-04 : part 1 of my install series. Difficulty rating "3" (1 shift knob install easy - 10 full stage 4 install ) App. 1Hr
Its time to do a little upgrading... I was feeling the need for a little JDM upgrade for the car, so a little online buying lands me a late X-mas present for myself. .. (Pic 1) I order through [url][/url] , bought from them before. Unload Aem pulley kit, some small stuff, and the pedals. Grab a beer and begin. (Pic 2 ) Pic 2 shows the directions, and like all true JDM stuff, its all in Japenese, but have no fear, ###' there are pictures. Unload all the parts... Nice anodized blue pedals, red rubber backing, Sti logo, and a very tiny allen bolt/nut set.. I guess they have tiny hands there or something.

Jmoney007 01-13-2004 12:26 PM

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(Pic 3) Start by undoing the dead petal pop up screws(2), the door jam screw(1), and the pressure flaps on the door sill. Remove. Next, unlike me who didn't look online to get help for this, and was lost for 5 minutes, grap the clutch/brake pedal covers and pull from bottom up and out ; they come off easy. Throw away.(Pic 4) You should be here now. The STi clutch/brake pedal slip over the metal pedals, and attach with a metal bracket that sits above the old petal.. It is attached by 2 bolts. Look at the directions for the pic. By the way , the bolts have thread lock on them, and are hard to put on or off. Here comes the harder part. The gas pedal is attached by a pin , this plastic petal piece, and a spring. I couldn't for the life of my get the pin out...If somebody does., or knows how , awesome, but it didn't pop out for me.

Jmoney007 01-13-2004 12:28 PM

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I got pissed and ripped the aluminuin top off the pedal, and then took out the hack saw and cut the brake side support on the gas pedal.(Pic 5) Don't loose the spring!! or your cool! (Pic 6 )Pic 6 is a close up of it. You want to notch out a channel to the hole there so it can go back on the pin.

Jmoney007 01-13-2004 12:30 PM

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(Pic 8) You will find out now that the Sti gas pedal won't go on by itself and stay... I found that out the hard way. So I put the old pedal underneath it, but it was raised too high. So the hacksaw and cut the bumbs, and then sandpaper it smooth. If you have a belt sander this step takes 1/10 the time. Sand it down till the raised bumbs are almost gone. Then it will work. Look back at (Pic 2), the pic in the directions has the bolt that goes through the STi gas padal support. Attach the gas petal (pic 10).... You think u are done... Not soo fast . the dead petal is left... The hardest part.(Pic 7) Pic 7 shows the mounting bracket for this part, except its for RIGHT HAND DRIVER CARS(JDM)... and doesn't match up to the dead petal support on left hand driven cars.... I was going to attach it to the plastic dead pedal, but that was too Ghetto fabulous..

Jmoney007 01-13-2004 12:33 PM

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So I got an idea(Pic 9) I don't have a drill, so I couldn't drill into the metal support underneath. Plus since the allen bolts were soo small, that might be hard to anchor there, so I instead put pre-threaded holes in the plastic dead pedal, lining up the sti pedal for a template. Then I attached the plastic dead pedal UNDERNEATH the carpet, being attached by the two pop up scews

Jmoney007 01-13-2004 12:35 PM

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(PIC 11). I attached the sti dead petal allen bolts through the carpet and into the plastic petal. After alot of tries, everything lined up . I attach the last bolt/nut (top left on STI pedal) directly to the carpet.. Reinstall the door sill.. and put the 2 pop up scews back in. The pop up screws hold everything very tight down, looks very clean(PIC 12).... You should be left with 3 nuts and a plastic clip that I couldn't find a use for... You will notice that if you push down on the right side of the brake far you will slightly rev the gas, since the gas pedal is right next to the brake pedal and is wider on the left side.... A simple adjustment of braking and you are all set....( P.S. I used a camera phone, sorry above the lousy photo quality)

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