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Vew 10-20-2008 07:43 PM

JDM Rain Visor Install
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These are step by step instructions that will assist you in installing a set of JDM rain visors. Since the included instructions are in Japanese, I have also attached a set of instructions that someone kindly posted on another forum in English that you will need. I can't locate the original post, but if you are the one that provided it, I will gladly add the deserved recognition.

The original scans were in png format, but I've converted them to jpg for greater compatibility. The scans are also pretty fuzzy, so you'll have to cross reference images and numbers with the Japanese instructions that are included with visors.

**** DISCLAIMER ****
I am not nor anyone that has provided help can be responsible for any damage cause by following these instructions. Use caution at your own risk.

There are two versions, a sedan version and a wagon version. They will work from 02-07 Impreza/WRX/STi






Vew 10-20-2008 07:49 PM

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Just a few images of the way I received the visors and how it was packaged. The main box was also packed in a larger box that I did not include an image for. The razor shown in a few of the images was not included. That's just what I used to disassemble the packaging.






Vew 10-20-2008 08:07 PM

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Start pulling down the soft window molding by giving them a tug.




Vew 10-20-2008 08:13 PM

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The instruction then say to measure out 150mm from where the plastic window trim start. There, put a strip of masking tape. The only purpose of this tape is to give you a rough idea on where the visors mount, but mostly so that it insures you clean enough area where the 3M tape mounts.


Repeat with the other side starting where the crack between the two pieces of trim come together with the length given by the instructions.


Just to show where about the visor will sit later.


Vew 10-20-2008 08:28 PM

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Now remove the 2nd screw. In the instructions, it will say to measure 185mm from the molding... they mean the 2nd screw. Don't lose it. You'll need it later.


This is the B bracket. It only comes with two.


Using the screw you removed earlier, loosely attach it back in place with the B bracket.


Now prep the visor. On each end of the visor, pull away some of the red tape. Only enough so you can get a hold of it. Now fold it up past the top so you can grab onto it later when you mount it on the car.


Now, if you haven't already. Do everything you have done up to this point to the other side. The reason is that they have only included one packet of primer wipe that you have to use for both sides.

Clean the trim between the two pieces of tape very well with rubbing alcohol. Then the same procedure with the included primer wipe.

After this, I would complete one side before going back to the other


Now hold the visor against the car roughly where you marked off the tape. The B bracket attaches to a slot on the underside of the visor. Position it so the top is flush with the molding, press in on the B bracket until you hear it clip into place. The visor will NOT sit perfectly flush with your piece of tape. That's fine. In fact, you can remove the tape and throw it away. Finally, you can screw the bracket down one you have everything lined up.

Don't let the back side of the visor hang down on its own. That's a lot of stress and you don't want to risk it. I just used the tape that was back there and used it to hold it for me in place. Once the B bracket is screwed down, you can go back and insure that the back end is also lined up.


Vew 10-20-2008 08:37 PM

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I don't have a photo of this process but it's quite easy. You're just removing the tape backing as you go long making sure that everything is lines up as you go. So, start pulling from one end little by little, and keep making sure the top of the visor is aligned with the window trim and press down to insure that the tape sticks until you get to the very back. Be careful not to tear the backing.

Now you can press the A brackets in place. They just click in. 5 per side, there are little holes on the bottom side of the visor which match up to the screws that hold down that piece of metal under the trim. There are actually 6 spots I realized, but that's fine. Just look at the included instructions to figure out where the 5 clips go.



Now the C clip was interesting to figure out. This is how it should look.


You can put the soft rubber molding back in place now.

Vew 10-20-2008 08:41 PM

Final Installed Photos
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Just to show you clearance of the window and the visor. Most wonder about this, but rarely does anyone ever post a photo of it.


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