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How to: Turbo oil screen removal

I figured I would start trying to do my part to contribute to the site. Bare with me because this is my first tech write up. I will be trying to do more future write up's along my modding journey. I am always open to suggestions and constructive criticism. I can not and will not be held responsible for any errors on your part or mine.

I will be talking about the turbo oil screen removal and cleaning. Subaru issued a technical service bulletin about it possibly becoming cloged and causing oil starvation to the turbocharger. Here is a link to some info that forced performance turbochargers has posted about it Forced Performance Turbochargers It is recommended that this screen be checked and cleaned if needed with every oil change. Because of the pain in the a$$ it is to get to I would just remove it. The effected models are all turbocharged engines with a build date pre 4-05. I highly suggest removing or servicing this if your model is effected.

I will be using my beer scale to translate difficulty/time consumption of the job with 1 being easiest and 24 being hardest. This one is about a 3 beer job. It took me about an hour to do the whole process.

Tools needed
3/8 ratchet
6" extention
wobble joint adapter
14mm 3/8 drive socket
5/8 deep well socket 3/8 drive (I dont know what this equates to in metric as I didnt have my metric deep wells with me)
17mm flex head ratcheting wrench
17mm stubby wrench
10mm ratcheting wrench
flat blade screw driver

Supplies needed
brake cleaner
flash light
2 new copper washers

Step 1:Remove your turbo heat shield. Mine has been modified so, I didnt have to do this step. I do remember though that there are a lot of 10mm bolts holding this on. Use your socket wrench and ratcheting wrench on this.

Now locate the area we will be working. follow the oil feed line that is on the top of the turbo. It is a metal line that goes down to the back side of the right head. We will be removing the banjo bolt going into the head.

Step 2: remove the bracket that connects from the turbo/uppipe flange to the head. This is to gain better access to the banjo bolt. On the head side use your ratchet, extension, and 14mm socket to remove the bolt. On the turbo/uppipe side use the same but, with your deep well socket instead to remove the nut. The stud may come out with this one. The first photo is a picture of the bracket removed.

Now that we can get to the banjo bolt put a rag under the bolt so oil does not spill onto your uppipe. You will only be loosing very little oil.

Step 3: Put the closed end of the 17mm flex head ratcheting wrench on the bolt and break it loose. I had to use a flex head to get the wrench in there because it would not fit without putting it on a angle. The second photo is the best I could get of the wrench on the bolt. Once loose remove it the rest of the way with your stubby 17mm wrench.

Now that you have it out you can either remove and discard the screen inside of the banjo bolt or remove and clean it with brake cleaner. Mine did not have a screen but, i think if you grab it with some needle nose pliers it will just twist out. the last photos are of the banjo bolt removed. Installation is the reverse of removal and dont forget to use new copper washer on each side of the banjo bolt. You may have to pry gently with your screwdriver to line it back up. After your done check your oil level then start the engine and check for leaks.
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