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jimbo058 10-18-2011 02:28 PM

How to install a Seibon Carbon Fiber Hood
--> You will absolutely need a friend to help you hold up the other side of the hood during this procedure. Plan on about 1 hour for the change-over, and another hour to install the hood pins.

1) With the stock hood raised fully, disconnect the windshield washer hose next to the left hood support.

2) With friend holding on to the hood so it won't fall down, take out the four bolts holding the hood struts (shocks) out of the hood. Leave the other end of the shock attached.

3) With friend holding the other side of the hood, take out the two bolts holding the left-side hood support. While holding the left side, pass the socket wrench to your friend and have them take out the other two bolts holding the right-side hood support.

4) Carefully remove the stock hood, and carefully remove the sprayer nozzles and windshield washer tubing mounts. Be careful not to damage the tubing. Go slow.

5) Re-attach windshield washer nozzles and tubing to the new CF hood. I used nozzles from an auto parts store, as the stock ones did not fit in the holes. Glued them on to the top of the hood with superglue. I used tie-wrap stick-on mounting bases and tie wraps to hold the tubing on the bottom of the new hood.

6) With assistance from a friend, hold the new hood in place and re-attach the four hood support bolts that came with the new hood. The old bolts are too large. Tighten loosely only at this point (5 Ft/lbs).

7) Re-attach the two bolts to the hood shocks on each side.

8) Hook up the windshield washer tube to the one coming from the pump.

9) Carefully close the hood, and make any adjustments necessary forwards/backwards or side-to-side, before tightening the hood support bolts. Do not tighten them beyond 20-25 Ft.lbs or they may strip out of the hood.

10) Open hood, and mount hood pins in the holes provided on each side of the radiator top support bracket. Get the longest hood pins you can find, as mine were just BARELY long enough.

11) Put a good dab of White-Out liquid (from office supply store) on the top of the hood pins. Lower the hood slowly until it contacts the top of the hood pins. This will mark the locations for your holes. Go slowly during this process, and check-re-check your locations.

12) With a 1/16" drill bit and high-speed electric drill, drill thru the hood from the bottom. You are drilling through the lower layer of the hood support material only, not the CF/fiberglass top.

13) Using progressively larger drill bits, open the holes in the lower layer of the hood material to 1 /2". Do not drill thru the top (CF) layer of the hood from the bottom.

14) Using the White-Out again, mark the center of the 1/2" holes (on the top layer of the CF hood) from the bottom.

15) Using the 1/16" drill bit, drill through the top layer of the CF hood from the bottom.

16) Using your small holes as a guide, drill thru the top layer of the CF hood from the top after taping over the holes in a X pattern with good-quality masking tape to prevent cracking the hood. Use progressively larger bits until you have drilled 1/2" holes. Make sure the drill bit is at high speed when contacting the top glass surface, or it will crack the hood.

17) Glue the chrome trim plates for the pin holes to the CF hood with super glue.

18) Slowly lower the hood onto the pins. You will have to trim the holes thru the lower fiberglass layer of the hood to fit, and you may have to bend the pins slightly in the radiator support to get them to line up with the holes properly. The fit should be tight, and many minor adjustments/drilling/trimming may be necessary. Do not rush this procedure.

19) Close hood carefully, check for fit and binding, and place the hood pins in the securing holes.

20) Wipe off your hood, step back, and admire the accomplishment !!!

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