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advan106 02-14-2004 03:15 AM

how to install a blitz DCII turbo timer with digital boost
i just brought this 04 sti, this is the first mod that i am doing to my car.
I have installed two 04 sti with the same setup already and they work fine.
I got this in a easy way, I brought a HKS wiring adaptor along with this turbo timer, I am trying to keep the warranty without cuting for stripping any wire, and the adaptor works really well.
tools needed:#2 phillip screw driver, 20in long flat screw driver or something long or pry bar( use for installing the rubber groumet on the firewall), some 5 in tie strap, 2 black 12-14 in tie strap.
1) unscrew kick panel under steering column
2) use flat tip screw driver and unplug all connector, all connector are removable even OBDII DLC connector can take off from that.
3)look for 4 pin blue connector with ignition wires on that will connector to the hks connector( only one connector on the right side, next to the center cluster and on top of the metal bar), disconnect and hook up the hks wiring harness.
4)hook up the control unit of the turbo timer to the hks connctor, tie strap it under the steering column below the spring, double check by moving the steering column up and down make sure it will not touch or bind.
5) connect the black ground wire on the bolts above the fuse block.
5a) forgot about thise wire, remove the hand brake cover first, and then the shifter cover( not the boot) by poppiing out some clips. unscrew the phipping screw inside the center console storage area, one screw under the shifter cover. now run the purple(pink) wire to the hand brake wire connector( it is located next to the passenger seat, maybe cover up by the floor carpet, right side of the hand brake) tap the wires into the hand brake wire for safty feature. use to shut off the timer and car when hand brake is down.
6) now connect the face plate to the turbo timer and the timer function should work properly.
7)now open the hood and locate the 1/4in vaccum hose on the left side of the throttle body( position is when you are looking down at the engine)
8)install the t-fitting into the vaccum hose and intall the vacuum hose supplied by the turbo timer( becareful not to break the t-fitting), spray some silicon lubrican if needed.
9)hide the vacuum hose along the pipes in front of the intercooer and down to the clutch master and into the rubber groumet on the firewall.'
10) this groumet can be found inside the car behind the AC evap case.
Easiler way to do it is to take the groumet out and run the vaccum into it by cutting it with a razor blade or cutter and then install it with a long screw driver.
11) after it gets inside, hide it and use the other fitting supplied by the turbo timer and connect it to the timer.

NOW, the timer should work and show your boost.

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