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subarusti100 01-03-2007 06:21 PM

How to Debadge your Rear, (PICTURES!)
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[B][SIZE="5"]Here is a step by step description with photos of how to debadge the back of your impreza![/SIZE][/B]

[SIZE="3"]These are the tools that are needed for this project, not to many just your average household items.

[SIZE="3"]Here we have our beautiful specimen, we will be taking her badges off as well as her corner bumper guards.

[SIZE="3"]First step is to begin heating the surface of the badge, be sure to have your heat gun on low setting because of the chance of stripping the paint. (read heat gun manual before use)[/SIZE]

[SIZE="3"]Step 2, make sure not to heat for to long or the badge will begin to melt, i recommend about 30 seconds. Once the glue behind the badge is melted, place the dental floss behind the badge and move it in a back in forth motion. This will remove the badge and the end result should look like this.[/SIZE]

[SIZE="3"] Step 3, after you have the wrx and impreza badge off, you may want to begin with the subaru badge.[/SIZE]


[SIZE="3"]You will find that it is very difficult to remove the glue from the letters, there are many solutions to this problem such as goo gone, starting fluid, soapy water, and also the heat gun, fingering the excess glue also helps but be careful not to get blisters![/SIZE]


[SIZE="3"]After a while it will eventually all be off, and you will be ready to stand back and admire your gorgeous wrx![/SIZE]

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