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Jave 09-22-2005 01:09 PM

How to debadge a 04 grill
This is my first walkthrough so please bear with me. Of course the normal disclaimer applies, I will not be held responsible for any mistakes, raised gas prices, voided warranties or shoddy results that may result from following this guide.

Things needed:

flat blade screw driver
320 grit sandpaper
super fine grit sandpaper(or 0000 gauge steel wool)
sanding block(not required but does help)
semi-gloss/satin black paint
Dremel with sanding drum and cutoff wheel
spare time

1. Start off by removing the front grill. IF you have never done this before, simply push in the 6 tabs in(4 across the top 2 hidden). The pictures shows the tabs, use the screw driver to each the hidden tabs(unless you have very small fingers).

2. Use a flat blade screw driver to remove the clips holding on the black mesh.

3. Once the grill is removed, use the cutoff wheel on the dremel to cut a majority of the emblem out.

4. Now using the sanding drum sand down most of what is left of the emblem pillar.

5. Using the 320 grit sandpaper, sand down the remaining edge of the emblem. We wet sanded in preperation for applying bondo.

6. Bondo was applied in 3 layers for faster drying time, sanding between each layer to see where the next layer needed to be concentrated on.

7. After the last layer of Bondo is dried, lightly sand the rest of the grill so the primer will stick.

8. Primer the grill. If you choose to use more than one coat of primer besure to lightly sand between coats. Sand the final coat of primer with super fine grit.

9. Paint the grill with your color of choice. Remember a few light coats are better than a heavy coat, lightly sand between coats.

10. Reinstall the wire mesh using the clips that were removed.

11. Reinstall grill into the car. Admire your newly debadged grill.

Thanks to IBAUCLAPlaya for giving me the instructions on how to do this.

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