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Four Interior/Dash Rattles Fixed (02-07)

I thought I'd post a couple of annoying rattles that I was able to fix. I never expected my 05 WRX to sound like a Lexus, but I wasn't expecting it to rattle all over the place. My old Acura has 165k miles on it and it never rattled. My 05 came from the factory with a ton of rattles free of charge.

A-Pillar (VIN plate) Rattles:
These are probably the loudest in the car. For some reason they sound like they are coming from the dash or VIN plate. When I would put my hand on the VIN and push down it would stop, most likely b/c the A-pillar is connected to the defroster dash panel.

1.) First, you'll need a roll of window/door weather stripping you can get from any home improvement store. It should be foam, not rubber and about a half inch wide. It should be sticky on one side.

2.) Now, grab the A-Pillar at the top and pull. All three clips will pop out. Pull the A-Pillar back toward you to remove it completely. Shake the a-pillar in your hand and you should recognize a very familiar sound of the clips shaking around. This sound is what drove me crazy.

3.) Remove each white clip from the A-Pillar. They slide out sideways.

4.) Cut about a half inch strip of your foam weather stripping and wedge it into the slot where the clip goes.

5.) Re-insert the clips. This will pinch the foam and now you'll notice that the clips don't move anymore.

6.) Before putting the A-pillar back on, pull up on the defroster dash panel now that you can access it since the a-pillar is removed.

7.) Cut several 4-5 inch strips of foam and stick them on the metal piece just under the defroster panel. This will add some cushion between them so they don't touch, and it will also add tension to the dash clips so they don't rattle. You can go crazy here with foam if like. I just added a few strips.

8.) Now sit back and enjoy talk radio again without those annoying rattles.

Steering Column Rattle:
This one I didn't take pictures of since I did it a few years ago. It's pretty straight forward. I first noticed that when I held the bottom of the steering column and pushed up, the rattling stopped.

1.) I used Dynamat for this one. I purchased a dynamat license plate kit for $10 on eBay. I cut little pieces of it here and there. It's sticky, so be careful.

2.) Remove the screw from the bottom of the steering column. There is only one. Pull like crazy until it pops out. You may think there are more screws b/c it doesn't come out easy. Keep pulling it will come out.

3.) Now that the bottom piece is in your hand you'll notice 4 clips where it mounts to the top piece. I put a small piece (1cm x 1cm) of dynamat on each clip.

4.) Now I cut a 4in. x 4in. piece of dynamat and put it on the inside of the column piece to give it some weight and heft so it didn't vibrate as easily.

5.)Re-install, and enjoy.

Side Defroster Vent:

I first notice this beauty on a long drive to Ohio. When I pushed down on the circular vent that points at the window, the rattle would stop.

1.) Pop the vent out. There is a small indentation at the front of the vent to wedge a screw driver in. I wrapped my screwdriver in painter's tape so it didn't damage the dash or vent. Pop the vent out.

2.) Cut a half inch wide piece of dynamat about 3 inches long. Wrap it around the bottom of the vent. This is where it connects to vent pipe inside the dash.

3.) Reinstall. The fit between the vent and the dash tube is now much tighter, and shouldn't rattle anymore.

Glove Box Rattle:
This one I noticed mostly on roads with broken pavement. When I put my hand on the glove box and pushed it towards the dash, it stopped. The part that's rattling is the latch.

1.) Open glove box and you'll notice a little horseshoe looking bar at the top of the glove box. Cut a 3 inch piece of electrical tape and cut it again length wise to make it narrower. Wrap it around the bar a few times to make the bar thicker. This should allow the latch to have a tighter grasp on the bar.

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