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relliMmoT 07-11-2009 07:53 AM

Video How-To: Color match Defi Gauges!
I decided my white Defi gauges looked horrible in contrast to the rest of the green WRX interior backlighting. I colored the controller and the gauges with transparent glass paint. Its a pretty easy process, it just requires the confidence to tear into these pricey gauges. I did a video tutorial and I got my original information from the thread linked at the bottom.

My YouTube Tutorial:
Part 1: Disassembly and coloring
[ame=]YouTube - Defi Gauge Coloring Part 1[/ame]
Part 2: Reassembly and glory
[ame=]YouTube - Defi Gauge Coloring Part 2[/ame]

Original tutorial I read:
[url=]S2KI - S2000 Forums -> Changing Defi BF gauge color in easy 9 steps- the cheap way[/url]

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