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Keyless trunk release installation

Keyless trunk release installation

Things needed
1/4” drill bit
Assorted Metric sockets (Deep sockets will be needed)
Flat and Phillips screw drivers
Wire stripper/ crimper
Wire splices for 14-18 ga and 18-22ga
AutoLoc Powered trunk release kit
Radio Shack relay part Model: 275-217
Female wire terminal
Cable stop clamps
Straightened wire hanger
Electrical tape
About 1-3 hours(depending on skill)

I am not responsible for any damage done to your vehicle as a result of following this article. This is what worked for me and has not been tested on anyone else’s vehicle to my knowledge. Special thanks to 03 CrazyTaxi form wrxtuners, as well as; monkeygod, miked and jumbo from scoobymods for help in the form of a wiring diagram and existing how to’s.

What to do
Part 1: Trunk release

1. First pop your trunk

2. Locate the safety release latch. Remove the plastic rivets by using a flat blade screw driver to pop up the center then pulling the entire rivet out. It is easiest to pull the center until it stops then, pushing back in slightly and grabbing the outside portion of the rivet and pulling out. The whole rivet should come out very easily.

3. After removal of the safety latch there will be a cable attached, remove it. Since I plan in having my trunk lock shaved I also removed the bar going from the lock to the latch in the trunk lid. For ease of installation I recommend removal of the bar for right now, just be sure to reinstall after the installation of the solenoid. To remove the bar, just push the bar to the open side of the plastic clips that the bar is latched in.

4. Test fit the solenoid in by inserting it into the opening made by removal of the safety latch. After finding the spot where you want to mount the solenoid, remove and use the bracket as a template to mark where the 2 holes will be drilled.

5. Drill the holes using the 1/4” drill bit. Attach the black wire (ground) from the trunk kit to one terminal on the solenoid and the long green kit wire to the other.

6. Using the short screws and nuts from the kit, mount the solenoid with the wire coming out one end pointing towards the trunk latch. I grounded the solenoid to the bracket it was mounted in just because it was easiest.

7. Fit the universal adapter from the kit onto the trunk latch.

8. Though the kit comes with a cable adapter (split screw with washer and nut) to fit on the latch adapter to the cable, I bought some cable stop clamps at the parts store to use in its place. The clamps seemed to be a more sturdy solution in my opinion compared to the split screw which stripped out when tightening down.
*note* to get the cable tight I had a friend pull the cable hand tight while I tightened the clamp.

9. Route the green(kit) wire to the front drivers side under the dash. I wrapped the wire around the black loom housing the spoiler brake light to hold it out of the way. To get the wire to the passenger compartment, take out your back seat. Remove the 2 10mm bolts, 1 on each side, holding the bottom part of the back seat in place. Lift up on the front and the seat should unclip from the back center. Tape the Green wire to the hanger and poke the hanger through the gap under the back of the trunk and the seat back of the back seat. If you already subs in the trunk you will see what I am talking about.
*note* you might have to remove the seat back as well. Remove the10mm bolts and lift up and pull out.

10. Continue routing the green(kit) wire by tucking under the edge of the carpet. To get to the carpet underneath the door sills, gently pop the door sills up.

11. Finally, remove the plastic screw slightly above and to the left of the dead pedal and tuck the green wire behind, replacing the plastic screw.

Part 2: Relay install/Keyless entry mod

1. Disconnect Battery. Using a Phillips screw driver remove the 1 plastic and 2 metal screws holding the lower dash in place. Locations marked on picture.

2. Gently pull straight out(towards back of car) to release the tabs that are holding the top portion of the lower dash panel in place.

3. Finish removing the lower dash by unhooking the wire clips to the cruise and fog lights from the buttons as well as the OBDII port and the screw holding the bracket for the remaining wire clip.

4. Remove the metal brace for easier access to the keyless entry box. There are only 2 screws holding this piece on.

5. Locate the keyless entry box and use deep socket driver to remove the nut holding it into place. Once the box is out, remove the blue plug.

6. With a sharp knife, carefully cut back some of the insulation on the blue plug, about 4-5 inches will be more than plenty. Locate the 2 red wires on the blue clip. The last red wire is solid and this is the wire that supplies the 12v to unlock the passengers doors. The red with green wire gets the 12v once the unlock button is pressed twice on the key fob. In order to free up the second press for the trunk release we have to connect the red with green wire to the solid red wire. Simply cut the red with green wire about a 1 to 2 inches from the blue clip. Using a 18-22ga wire splice, splice the end of the red with green wire NOT going to the plug into the solid red wire.

7. Plug the blue clip back in and reconnect the battery to test. All four doors should now unlock at one press of unlock on the key fob if not recheck your splice to make sure the correct end of the red with green is spliced to the 12v solid red. If test was successful, disconnect batter and proceed.

8a. Find a good place to connect a ground wire, if you already have installed a Turbo Timer then you can simply splice into the ground for it as I did. If not, the piece that the metal bracket is screwed into has a bolt and nut on the under side of it that you can loosen and attach a ground to.

8b. Attach a female wire terminal to the red with green wire going to the plug.

8c. Find a 12v source that is only powered when the car is on. I tapped into the blue wire on my Turbo Timer harness after doing some test with a volt meter to determine that this wire would suit my needs. I used a wire splice to splice a short piece of wire(about 6-8 inches) to the blue wire and put female terminal on the other end.

9. Attach the wires to the relay as shown below in the wiring diagram made by 03 CrazyTaxi. The trunk Solenoid attaching to 1, red with green wire from blue plug to 5, ignition wire(from Turbo Timer) to 7 and ground to 8. Reconnect battery and test. Now all doors should unlock on one press and the solenoid should pop on 2. Some fine tuning of cable tightness and trunk release spring might be needed to get the trunk to release properly. The trunk should pop up freely and the solenoid should not sound bogged down.
*note* to adjust the spring use a small flat blade screw driver and slightly stretch the spring testing after each adjustment. The following pictures is after the flat blade was used to adjust the spring.
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here is the word doc that has all the pictures with the proper steps. I had to break it into 3 parts so I could upload it.
Attached Files
File Type: doc Keyless trunk release installation part 1.doc (951.5 KB, 944 views)
File Type: doc Keyless trunk release installation part 2.doc (683.5 KB, 694 views)
File Type: doc Keyless trunk release installation part 3.doc (786.5 KB, 696 views)

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