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undrbst 04-13-2012 12:33 AM

How to puddle lamps
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I decided to add some puddle lamps this evening after work and wanted to share just incase someone else wanted to try it. Only thing I have left to do is tap into the dome lamp wire(s) and take some additional pictures tomorrow night of the lamps in action.

For starters take a look at this link on how to install STI mirrors on a WRX. [url=]STi mirror markers on 08+ Impreza[/url] You will need to follow the steps that show how to take the mirrors apart and how to run wires from the door into the cabin. Once you have completed those steps you are ready to continue.

I used a large twist tie and fed it thru the mirror housing so I could fish my wires back thru. Be patient because the existing wires make it a really tight fit.

undrbst 04-13-2012 12:47 AM

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Once this is done you will need some waterproof LED's. I purchased several from Super Bright LED when I did the same mod on my old RX8. After I wired up the LED's I put of bit of hot glue into the ends of the connectors to make them waterproof as well. Next I cut a small window in the bottom of the mirror. I used the small pocket on the inside of the mirror as a guide...also the LED sits nicely in the pocket. Once the hole was cut I placed the LED inside the mirror and applied hot glue in several spots to hold it in place. Next I reattached the mirror and added some quick connects to the puddle lamp wires just incase I have to remove the mirror later on.

undrbst 04-13-2012 01:00 AM

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Sorry....forgot to add this step. I suggest you test the LED's by hooking up a 9V battery to them prior to reinstalling the mirror and once the door is reassembled.

undrbst 04-13-2012 01:07 AM

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After chasing wires for about an hour I decided to pull the map lamp panel and trace those wires. The wires you will need run down the passenger a-pillar.

Remove the end panel on the passenger side of the dash and the a-pillar (windshield) trim.

Fish the driver side puddle lamp wires thru to the passenger side. I tapped into the passenger side puddle lamp wires at the end of the dash rather than run two sets of wires up the a-pillar.

Once this is done feed the wires up the a-pillar where you will tap into the power (light blue/green) and ground (blk/white) wires. The ground wire is located in an orange connector along with two other wires. Initially I thought this was part of the airbag system but no worries. The other two wires (solid purple & red/blk) are the ground wires for the driver and passenger side map lights.

Attatch your wires using quick connects and test out the lamps by triggering one of the door pin switches. Both puddle lamps should come on and fade out with the interior lamps. Reassemble everything and enjoy.

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