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Bee*R ignition cut rev limiter (with harness)

Bee*R Rev Limiter install-2002 Subaru Wrx.

Things needed:
Old wire harness connector 9-10 wires.
solder gun and solder.
heat shrink wrap.
18g wires for extending and attaching to your vehicle harness.
yellow, white, green, red, black electrical tape.
(4)x 600v 1a diodes or just (2) depends on your year.
+ - screwdrivers.
10-12mm sockets
ECU pin outs for your year (link provided in the description for that).

Bee*R Rev Limiter is just as it states a rev limiter with an (ignition cut) as opposed to a fuel cut rev limiter.

Be warned the rev limiter is not a very good anti lag system and will cause damage to your turbo ignition coil etc. if it is used improperly or too frequently.

Good for those who have the money to replace turbos, motors stuff like that or for those who attend the local drag strip and are looking for a boost builder on launch- Also good for those who attend shows and would like to have the loudest exhaust there.

I got mine as a gift from my wife for Christmas so I have to put it on my car, but realizing how bad it is for the turbo and ignition coil I'll be doing so with due regard for the motor. I decided to attach the unit to it's own wire harness so I can take it out of the car when ever I want. This leaves me with the option of only using it for when i go to the drag strip once a year.

Now I also recognize that the 02 transmissions are generally weaker than its next gens in comparison, I will have by the next time I hit the track- replaced my clutch and flywheel along with front axles. My method for racing the 02 is and has been clutch slipping, which sucked the last time I raced it ate my stock clutch and I was running low 15's. I noticed though with out launch control there was serious lag going on and bogging, I'm hoping with the Bee*R setup that will be gone coupled with a stronger clutch and lighter flywheel my times should improve while keeping the transmission safe.

I'm sure if you look for write-ups you will find the only 2 that I have found relating to our specific models let alone years. To save you the time of looking here they are Subaru Bee*r Rev Limiter Diy - Rexnet Subaru Forums - Bee*R limiter install - NASIOC and for those who are needing their specific year pin outs refer to this website - <-link directs you to the 02 wrx pin out but a simple search will net you your own years. There sites where great write-ups that helped out a lot with my own install.

My write up will provide you with how to create your own wire harness should you choose to make one and go with the setup I am going to use.

To begin you will need an old wire harness that is not needed- I happened to be previously employed at a Honda dealership currently a firefighter and have a few friends who hold on to old wire harnesses I recommend asking at a local dealership first or checking junk yards- the connector will need to accommodate at least 9 wires. The colors do not matter.

Now in my research I have discovered that the Bee*R unit on a Subaru just doesn't like the crank shaft sensor for ignition cutting.

Wires on Bee*R Unit / Purpose:
Red - +12V Power (Switched)
Black - Chassis ground (or in this case, ECU ground)
Yellow - 1 Degree Crank Angle Sensor Position
Green - 120 OR 180 Degree Crank Angle Sensor Position
White - Activates "REV2" option, either when white wire is grounded or can be used as launch control when spliced into handbrake wire. Sourced from- Bee R Rev Limiter Install

Because of this the normal 5 wires of the Bee*R unit will become 9. To do this we have to take the green wire and splice into it 4 more wires (depending on your year could be 2) along with a 600v 1a diode to each new wire. The diode is to be spliced in with the silver stripe towards the Bee*R unit.

(Bee*R unit)-Green wire-(4 new green wires)-600v 1a diode ea-(green wire)-plug. This will take up 4 slots on your harness plug for just 1 wire on the Bee*R unit. Label ea green wire 1-4 as these will be connecting to your ignition coil wires on the ecu harness in case you need to diagnose in the future for a wiring issue. I did this by attaching green electrical tape to the end of the wire and marking it with a sharpy 1-4.

**When splicing these wires I highly recommend soldering, heat shrinking, and taping.**

Now attach each wire of the unit preferably using the same color of wire as the unit to your harness connector--again soldering and heat shrinking these wires. Attach a piece of color coordinate electrical tape for future reference if needed for diagnosing.

Now move on to the ecu harness side of the connector. This involves pretty much coordinating the wire colors on the unit side with the ecu side and extending the wires if needed, I needed to.

As you can tell this is a pretty simple procedure but it does take a little time to do because of the soldering heat shrinking and for me wanting to keep it neat. Once you have the wiring on the ecu side of the plug matched up to the unit side do the same marking of the wires using color coordinated electrical tape for future reference if things need to be diagnosed. If everything is the way you like it as far as length go ahead and wrap the wiring together using electrical tape color of your choice and plastic sheath it to protect it from heat, damage, feet in the foot well and things of that sort.

Once finished your new unit harness should look similar to this or better depends on your skill level- this was my first time doing something like this.

Now comes the part of wiring the ecu side of your harness to the ecu wiring of you vehicle please refer to you model yr for the correct ecu pinouts.

(02 Wrx)
Red is your power- D2 D3 Control unit power supply
Yellow is rpms- C9 Engine speed (RPM)
Black is ground- C17 A22 Ground (power supply)
Green igntion- C21 C22 C23 C24 Ignition control
White launch control (either hand brake or clutch switch) clutch switch will allow for flat foot shifitng or shifting without letting off the gas and hand brake will allow for launching.

WIRE LOOPS on Bee*R Unit:
Brown Loop: Leave this wire intact.
Grey Loop: All 4 cylinder engine owners are to cut this wire and insulate either end after cutting, this is for 4 cylinder engine operation.
White Loop: Newer Bee*R units come with the white loop, cut this loop and insulate either end of the wire if you do not want to use the "launch control" feature. Sourced from- Bee R Rev Limiter Install

Now that the unit is wired to the ecu through your new harness it is time to test it.

Set the unit to all 0's and start your car- if it starts great shut it off.

Next set the Rev 1 function to what you would like 1 starts at 2500 rpm and increases with 500 rpm increments ea.
Rev 2 is your launch control and again 1 starts with 2500 rpm increaing at 500 rpm incrememnts ea. your gain should be set to F this is the highest and quickest igniton cut 1 is the slowest and generally sounds like it will kill your car faster by dumping that much more fuel into your up pipe-- now test if it is hitting your rpm.

If everything is working you are all set.

Credit due goes to:
Futile from Subaru Bee*r Rev Limiter Diy - Rexnet Subaru Forums

dremersvision from Bee*R limiter install - NASIOC

RSblood Bee*R limiter install - NASIOC

Installed today still need to add in my clutch wire but I installed it and checked first time no issues started right up and sounds strong.

After install of the clutch wire, went for a quick drive to get the cat hot and tested it one more time.

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